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Ask the Beard; How Will Our Video Differ to Our Competition?

We get asked a lot of questions about video here at GINGERBEARD Media, so Head Beard Bruce is sitting down to answer some of them in a new video series called "Ask the Beard".

In this episode we're looking at how videos remain unique. So if you've seen a video that we completed within your industry and you're wondering how we would make yours different from your competition.... here's the video to watch!

Niche CrossFit - Core Builder Program

Last week we were working with Jen from Niche CrossFit to start production on a video series for their Core Builder Program. The program starts with a workshop, however then is followed up with a 12-week homework program designed to strengthen and build a core. 

Niche CrossFit identified the need to ensure that correct tuition was given during this 12 week period and so we stepped in to help out. We will be delivering a series of 20 core building movement tutorial videos that participants will use during their 12 weeks of homework.

Videos are a great way to help reinforce learning points no matter what you are teaching as well as letting attendees refresh their knowledge outside of your seminar or workshop.

Below you can find a trailer we produced for the program which also shows off some of the footage from the movement-tutorial videos.