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How to Get Found on YouTube (or Facebook)

As small businesses, we should be constantly looking for ways to get free exposure, to maximise the potential of being found and be thinking of creative ways to get our brand/company/product/services in front of new eyes.

And one of the quickest ways to do that is to use YouTube to showcase our business. But one of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when upload videos is in their video title - what they call the video.

To many times we've seen businesses upload their videos as "DSC8522" or "Video 1 V4 Final" and even using the name of the business alone might not give you the right, free exposure as you could be getting.

When you are uploading your video to YouTube, you need to consider what its title is... no matter where you are using the video.

So often companies will upload videos to YouTube in a public or unlisted setting and then embed them in website or email campaign. At this point their view is that it doesn't matter what the video is titled, as those who reiceve the email will see it (the video) and probably not its title.

But what's being missed is the free exposure that could be received by retitling the video to something that someone searches for.

So for example.

GINGERBEARD Media delivers a video on itself - explaining its services etc - a company promo video. By titling the video "Welcome to GINGERBEARD Media" we'll capture those people who search for GINGERBEARD Media. But what if we were to title the video "Perth Video Production" or something along those lines. We'd potentially end up capturing people searching for that term. Even better we could call it "Perth Video Production from GINGERBEARD Media". That way we'd capture both markets - those searching for video production in Perth, but also anyone searching for the company name.

And it's more powerful than you might think. 

Google seems to be ranking video over website search results more and more. So it's likely if they find a video that matches that search term, it'll appear at the top of the list.

So wherever you get your video from - always think about the title you give it, whatever the platform - it's always a potential to be found.

As my final thought - this titling needs to be done upfront, not 4 weeks after a video is published. For those of us with followers on our YouTube channels - our subscribers will see that video quickly, so by titling it well before/as it's published were likely to clock up some views from our fanbase straight away. If we re-title later, we're likely to have missed that opportunity.


As ever, I hope that information has been useful, if you have any questions or comments - please drop them in below. 

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