Frequently Asked Questions


Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions


+ Who are you typical clients?

We work with a wide range of businesses in a completely varied set of industries, it's part of the job that keeps it exciting. Yes, this is a full time company, no we don't shoot weddings. We're passionate about working with businesses to uderstand their needs, their message, what barriers exist for them and how we can help.

If you're looking to understand who we've created for in the past - take a look our blog - it's searchable! and you can find a list of our clients on our Client page

+ Do you only create the video packages listed?

No. Whilst we offer video packages this is not only what we do. In fact most of our work comprises of customised video packages, or completely unique and custom work. The packages provide a good starting point for many of our clients looking at using video for their businesses

+ Can you give me a rough idea on costs involved?

All of our video packages have prices clearly listed, and for custom work we're more than happy to provide a written quote. Feel free to give us a call (0414152508) or drop us an email ( to get a rough idea on your project's budget.

+ What are your typical turn around times?

Every project is different, but we always work with clients to understand what deadline they may have and how we will deliver inside of it

+ Can you "only shoot" for us? No editing, just RAW footage?

Yes. We often shoot and deliver RAW footage to clients. Typically national and international clients will take the edit interstate/overseas and combine it with other footage from other video production companies.

For projects we're delivering we price based on a final product, not delivering RAW footage.

+ Help! I'm scared about being on camera!

This is a very normal feeling - no one like being on camera. However, becuase it's common we're very practiced at coaching others how to act on camera. We'll coach you on presenting for both your body language and voice.... and the dreaded 'what do I do with my hands'! Don't worry, this isn't our first rodeo! ;)

+ Can you help me to learn to shoot my own video?

Yes! We've got a ton of free learning resources as part of our "How to Shoot Video for Business" - you'll find that on our website, on YouTube, it's a podcast and even within a Facebook Group. We really want to try and help all businesses shoot their own video content, and learn how to make it better.

Heard Beard Bruce can also help you one-on-one to learn. We've worked with businesses to understand the basics of editing, shooting and pre-production planning. Have all your questions answered directly.

Finally, Head Beard Bruce has also publically speaks about shooting video within a business environment. A great way to upskill a team in a real no-bs format. Just get in touch to find out more!