About Us

Based in Perth, Western Australia GINGERBEARD Media specialises in delivering advertising and marketing video content for small and medium-sized businesses.

Bruce Garrod GINGERBEARD Media


GINGERBEARD Media delivers advertising and marketing media content for Perth-based businesses.

Our work predominantly focuses on delivering video marketing through our fixed-price and completely custom video marketing packages. Along with providing support to Perth-based businesses with general video services.

We work with clients from pre-production;- to develop their concept to a shotplan or script, production -  shooting or creating their media content through to post-production;- editing, colour correction and grading and delivery.

We also offer supportive services such as drone work, photography and both graphic design and simple motion graphic animation.

Being a full-production company and offering these supportive services means that we can provide a 1-stop shop for our clients. Saving you time and money.


Whilst we've worked with some of the bigger company names out there, you'll find most of our work is with small businesses in Perth as well as working freelance for other media companies. You can find more on who we've work with here.

You can read more about our company, our services and the way that we work in our Welcome Pack and find out how we work. You can check out what our clients have said about our work here!

Our Vision:  

To become a recognised leader in the creation
of video marketing content for small and
medium-sized businesses in Perth, WA.

Our Mission

To work with Perth-based businsses to work from concept through to delivery. Delivering professional quality video which exceeds our client;'s expectations.


To work in a local, friendly and professional manner to deliver high quality media content, on budget and on schedule.

About Bruce Garrod

A creatively driven and passionate individual with a keen business and project management sense. 

Bruce Garrod. Photographer. Videographer. Editor. Director. GINGERBEARD.