Taking Your Next Video Production to New Heights

Get a New Level of Perspective on Your Business!

Drones are fast becoming the way to capture a different perspective on our world, and with our aim of capturing your business in the best light, drones add another level of professionalism to your business and its brand.

Sample Drone Work

Since GINGERBEARD Media started,  it has been a long-term aim of ours to offer drone work to our clients. Drones offer a new perspective on the world, and within our business advertising and marketing work they give opportunity to provide better context of your business.

Many of our video packages are now able to incorporate drone work into the videos we deliver - its a great way to show your business off on the next level.

Legalities of Drones (Remote Piloted Aircraft)

Drones are fun, provide great photos and videos and can really add an additional level of professionalism to your project. But they are not toys and as such a degree of planning is required for us to operate safely. GINGERBEARD Media operates its drone under registration and licencing from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). As such we are legally required to follow the following rules as defined by the Civil Aviation Regulations 101 and as such, these may impact on your original project's vision.

These rules include:

  • 5.5k away from controlled airports

  • Flight height restriction of 120m

  • Day time operations only

  • Specified operating distance from people

  • Specific area restrictions

As with all our work, we first work with you to understand your project and should drones be used, we work with you to plan as to how best deliver your ideas and vision, staying within the law as well as our own safety methodology.

However, even with all the planning in world, the environment, the weather and the equipment all have large parts to play when it actually comes to flying. Our ultimate aim is to ensure the safety of those around us as well as eliminating the potential risk of damage to the equipment whilst capturing your media. All these factors are considered directly before a flight, and should we not be able to complete without risks suitably mitigated, then simply put, we won't fly.

We always work to deliver the best product possible, but if we aren't able to complete your work then we have a range of contacts with larger drone companies in Perth who we'd be happy to recommend you to.

Expression of Interest in our Drone Service

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