5 Reasons We’re Different…

1. Clear and Visible Pricing

Our pricing is clear without hidden charges.

Our packages have prices and our written quotes have clear and easy to understand pricings.

2. Complete Solutions

We work from start to finish on your project;- from scripting to shoot, through edit and into delivery.

We don’t outsource; keeping your project in line with your vision.

3. We Keep It In-House

We don’t ‘offshore’ your project, who you speak to, is who does the work.

Sure, offshore labour is cheaper, but it causes communication issues and delays in projects.

4. We Work Collaboratively

We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver better videos that really work for you.

We are part of your team, we advise you as to how to get the best from your project and we keep you informed throughout the process.

5. We Deliver For Your Use

We deliver videos optimised for your use, not what’s easiest for us to deliver.

We format and optimise your videos for the platforms you’ll be using them on so that you get better results.