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Inquo Pro - Promotional & Tutorial Videos

We were approached by Stafford Media Solutions to assist with a delivery of a series of videos for their client Inquo Pro.

Inpro Quo is an app designed by BWJ Painting owner Tim Hall who wanted to give the opportunity to a wide-range of businesses to speed up and professionalise their quoting process and methodology.

With the assistance of Red Back Digital, Tim has brought his app, Inquo Pro, to life. But as his vision came to life he then needed to both market it and provide support for the product.

In this 4-way collaborative project we worked to complete the video component for the project. Scripting - which is a base component for video planning, was developed by Gareth and Stafford Media Solutions as he delivered the voiceover in the project. So our primary role was to build upon this already written and recorded script.

First up we delivered a promotional video. Our role was to capture suitable shots and build the brand integration from the script/voiceover. As part of this we continued to develop the project for Tim, we suggested bringing in animated text elements to help deliver his message and reinfoce the voiceover element. 

Let's check out what we delivered.

Tim also need a video tutorial to help new users navigate the platform.

We suggested to Tim that this would be best delivered not only in his planned full-length video, but also broken down into a series of tutorials so as to assist users with finding the information they needed. These separated videos help the user to quickly navigate to relevant information - reducing the stress or annoyance when they are stuck.

So again, we took the voiceover work that Gareth had completed and built from there.

In this case, the tutorial videos required a lot of screen captures of the platform so as to assist the user with their learning. Then we took the screen captures and lined them up with the pre-recorded voiceover.

You can find the full tutorial series below.

Whilst some screen captures have been used in other videos we have competed, this is the first time we have provided screen capture for a full-length video.

Interestingly, we have already received an inquiry from another business wanting to complete a very similar style of the project - so we can foresee that this is a useful style of video for technology-based businesses.

This project is a great example of three things:

  • How we work with other companies to help deliver the client's video content
  • That even when we're part of a bigger team, we're working to help give our client a better product; - we add value, and
  • That we can deliver a range of video styles and types of content - meaning we are adaptable, a one-stop shop for your company's video production needs.

As ever, if you're interested in talking about how we could help deliver your company's video content, be it as part of a freelance team like this project, or directly for your business - please feel free to get in contact.