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Ask The Beard; How To Select Your Videographer

We get asked a lot of questions about video here at GINGERBEARD Media, so Head Beard Bruce is sitting down to answer some of them in our video series called "Ask the Beard".

In this episode we're looking at how to select a videographer. Often it's overwhelming to know where to start, what to look for, and what to ask; so check out our video and the tips below for getting the right company on the job.

Firstly, don't base your decisions purely on cost - look to get a match that's right for your brand and company - in the long run it will be more beneficial to have the right product (video) than something that saved you x dollars. You won't remember the savings you made if you have a product that isn't right for you.

Cost will eventually come into play, as it does with all projects, but often this is looked at too soon and defines the selection. If you are working with a tight or small budget then explain this to your videographer - a good one will be able to show you alternative options if you're original plan pushes you outside of your budget. And if they can't help you they maybe able to suggestion someone who can.

Aside from cost you should be looking at relevant work experience and/or transferable skills relevant to your project. We recommend looking at what the videographer has already produced, the brands they have worked with and whether you like their style of work. Their website and social media are great places to start your research!

If they have not worked within your industry or delivered your style of product does that mean you shouldn't work with them? No. Whilst you want to work with someone who's strengths suit your project, you also need to look at what transferable skills they have. Have they worked on projects which have a similar style, theme or structure? Is there something that they can bring to your project that others can't? Whilst not every videographer is suitable for your job, that doesn't mean no videographer is suitable.

Once you have a shortlist, ultimately, our #1 tip for selecting a videographer is;- to get in touch with them. Get in contact and have a chat - see if you feel like they are the right match for your brand and company. Let them understand your project, what you're trying to achieve, what budget you're working with and see what they suggest as a vision for your project. Does this mirror to what you had in mind?

I hope these tips have helped. As ever if you have a project that you'd like us to have a chat about, then simply get in contact. We'll happily give you a call to discuss your project and how best we think it can be delivered.