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Niche CrossFit - Core Builder Program - Bloopers

Client says "bloopers" and we say "hell yeah!"

Being in front of the camera is a tough business, if you haven't tried it you're missing out! We've watched the best of speakers turn to jelly as they try to record even the simplest of statements... but whilst it's painful and frustrating at the time, it makes for a great series of bloopers.

Jen from Niche CrossFit was extremely keen to get her own blooper reel for the promotion of her Core Builder Program. The program (final promo here) is a series of 21 movement videos which participants will use as a strength and exercise program.

Many people lock the takes that didn't make the final edit away, worrying that mistakes will cost them business. But actually using them is often a great way to show your off personality and humour and often ends up encouraging people to join you in business.

Niche CrossFit - Core Builder Program

Last week we were working with Jen from Niche CrossFit to start production on a video series for their Core Builder Program. The program starts with a workshop, however then is followed up with a 12-week homework program designed to strengthen and build a core. 

Niche CrossFit identified the need to ensure that correct tuition was given during this 12 week period and so we stepped in to help out. We will be delivering a series of 20 core building movement tutorial videos that participants will use during their 12 weeks of homework.

Videos are a great way to help reinforce learning points no matter what you are teaching as well as letting attendees refresh their knowledge outside of your seminar or workshop.

Below you can find a trailer we produced for the program which also shows off some of the footage from the movement-tutorial videos.

Kubed Media - Your Brand in the Malls

You may have notice that we've been working a lot recently (here and here) with Kubed Media - a local innovative LED-billboard marketing company. Ultimately, they've been working towards launching their latest service; getting their company the ability to advertise other companies in the Perth shopping malls.

This is a big step for them but they needed a short but punchy video to advertise this new, unique service... so that's what we came up with.

Not only does this package show off our 'edit only' service - as the client shot their own footage, but it also demonstrates the usability and durability of good footage; that once shot you can reedit footage again saving time and money.

Kubed Media - V8 Supercars

Just like our recent post on Kubelapse project for Enex100, this is another 'edit only' option completed for Kubed Media. This time around Kubed Media was working on behalf of Tourism WA and V8 Supercars.

In our 'edit only' option we provided advice on what/how to shoot to the client. So in this case Kubed Media shot the raw video themselves and then handed it over to us for editing. By undertaking project in this manner clients can reduce the cost for a media project.

The Good Dog! International FIlm Festival

Good Dog! is a film festival screening engaging films that include a dog. The annual festival, which started in 2012, is held on Sydney Harbour. However this year it took to the road and was shown in Northbridge, Perth for the first time over the Easter weekend. 

Along with airing dog-related films on the Northbridge Piazza Super Screen, the Northbridge Piazza also supported local dog charities by allowing them to set up stalls dedicated to their cause.


As part of the event, our Welcome Video that we shot for Dogs' Refuge Home of WA took pride of place the Northbridge Piazza Super Screen.

Photography courtesy of Mac1Photography.

Subsea 7 - What We Have Achieved in 2014

Towards the end of 2014, Subsea 7 approached us about compiling an animated video which summarised their company's achievements in 2014. 

The video we built for them brings together various forms of media from all over their Asia/Pacific region. The challenge of this project really was to provide a seamless corporate brand despite the media being varied in styles and format.

The video has already been used shown at the Australian Oil and Gas Expo and will be used internally and externally of the company.

This animated video package is a great example of how our Animated Text Video Package can be used with incorporated pre-shot media.

Subsea 7 - Australian Oil & Gas Expo

Last week we were back working with Subsea 7; our friends over in the seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and offshore service industry, at the Australian Oil and Gas (AOG) Expo held at Perth Convention Centre.

This time around we provided our corporate photography services to cover their stall, visitor interactions and some client presentations the expo.

It was also exciting to see our latest video project for them up on their screen

Subsea 7 received over 140 photos from our visit to their stall, Subsea 7 will used the photos through out internal and external communications.

Curtin University; Interior Architecture - Transitioning into Practice

Throughout 2014 we were working with Curtin University's Interior Architecture Department to deliver an 8-part interview-documentary series "Interior Architecture - Transitioning into Practice". It's been our biggest and most challenging production to date.

Curtin University approached us at the beginning of 2014 about delivering a series of films that would help acclimatise their students with the transition from the world of theoretical study at university into real-world life within interior architecture practices. What should they expect when they start working? and how could they tackle some of the new challenges they would face? 

The project ended up far larger than first conceived; ultimately we ended up coordinating a project that saw us working with 13 design professionals, working for a range of companies and located throughout Perth. This meant that coordination and communication were key for this project's successful delivery.

Check out the trailer for the 8-part interview-documentary series below. 

The series of films is available to Curtin University students and is also hosted by the Australian Government and Office for Learning and Teaching.

Dogs Refuge Home - Welcome Video

Last week we were back working with the Dogs Refuge Home in Shenton Park - this time filming their introductory video which now sits on the front page of their website.

In just over 3 minutes the video gives a great introduction and multi-layered message to website visitors about the not-for-profit organisation.

For keen beardy-blog watchers you'll notice that all except one piece of footage is from a previous project that we ran with the Dogs Refuge Home which helps demonstrate the adaptability of video that it can be reused from different projects; increasing the value of the original cost of shooting.

The project was filmed and delivered as part of our company's  'give-back' philosophy in which our aim is to work at low or zero cost with local not-for-profit or charity organisations.

Subsea 7 - Skandi Acergy Charity Video

Recently we've been back working with Subsea 7; a locally based but international subsea engineering, construction and services company working in the offshore energy industry. You may remember them from previous videos we worked to provide including launching their Great Safety Day programme with a video and a Charity Thank You Video to those working on one of their vessels (ship).

Well, that Charity Thank You Video went down so well that they invited us back to complete another one, this time for a different vessel.

Like the other vessel; the Skandi Acergy which is currently working off the coast of Australia and they recently made size-able donations to two Perth based charities; Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH) and Ronald McDonald House.

For many of the 140 on board the vessel, they work long shifts and when they fly home for their time off between shifts it's important for them to spend time with their families. Communication is difficult both on and off the vessel, so Subsea 7 thought that a quick video message from each charity would help show where their recent donations would be spent and what impact the money would have to the charities.

Curtin University - Announcing the Reopening of Building 501

We were approached by Curtin University to deliver a video announcing the reopening of their building; Building 501.

The Facilities group withing Curtin had spent a large amount of time redeveloping this 70's building to bring to both students and employees of Curtin heavily improved facilities. As such the team wanted to show off their work and also explain the new layout and design which had been completed.