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Ask The Beard: Using Music in Your Video

We get asked a lot of questions about video here at GINGERBEARD Media, so Head Beard Bruce is sitting down to answer some of them in our video series called "Ask the Beard".

In this episode we're looking at how to use music within your video.

Because, believe it or not a simple slip up could result in your video being banned!

So let's expand on this a little more.

What Happens If I Use Copyrighted Music?

Social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook have a business responsibility to cut down on copyright infringements on their platforms. Without doing so leaves them open to legal prosecution. They pass this on to their users, meaning that if you use copyrighted music (such as big named bands you find on the radio) you could end up with action being taken against you.

Actions can include:

  • The video being monetized (advertisements shown) but you don't receive the ad-revenue. More concerning, is that if your competition is using advertising, this could be shown on your video. This is often not thought about enough - a potential customer views your video, but then is lured to a competitors business through an advert.
  • The video is muted, and this can be location specific - result no sound on your video and a loss of impact in your messaging. The viewer is also notified of this action - doesn't that look professional?
  • The video is totally banned - great, now you don't have a video to play at all
  • You received a copyright infringement notice - three of these and YouTube will simply delete your account. Not what your business needs at all.

And with Instagram being recently acquired by Facebook, you can expect similar action to come forward there at some point in the future.

So What's The Answer?

As small businesses, we must become more aware and responsible for our media. In this case, moving our business towards use of licenced music. This means that we pay for the use of "unknown" artists' work to be incorporated into our media.

Now, before you close your browser window, stick with me!

Licenced music is no longer the style or quality of what it used to be. Remember when you were in a restaurant and they had playing a very poor acoustic version of Celine Dion? Or the poor elevator music that used to drive you mad in shopping centers? Well, we've moved on somewhat from there.

You can now find professional quality tracks listed for a reasonable price through websites such as Premium Beat or Audio Jungle. In fact, you will often find bands get discovered through their use of such services - because professional advertisers use similar services. So the quality is far above what you might expect.

By purchasing this music you legitamise your video project, and as such none of the issues listed above will effect your video. You can even monetize the video yourself;- allowing you to generate income despite it having someoneelse's work (the music) included in it.

So next time you're pulling a video together. Have a think about your music selection. Is it really worth using copyrighted material all in the case of saving a few coins?