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Ask The Beard: Getting Bang For Your Buck

We get asked a lot of questions about video here at GINGERBEARD Media, so Head Beard Bruce is sitting down to answer some of them in our video series called "Ask the Beard".

In this episode we're looking at how you can score more 'bang for buck', more 'daamm for dollar'... or just simply more value for money!

That's right, when you're playing for video it saves to know how best to get value for your money and we're looking at exactly that and giving away some of our tips and tricks.

Here at GINGERBEARD Media we want you to get the most of the media we provide to your business; afterall whilst providing lots of videos might make us money, it'll make our clients unhappy and send them broke. And that's no good for anyone!

So we focus our advise to clients around two areas;- compatibility and detail.

Ideally your video should be as compatible as possible for use in as many as areas (website and various social media platforms etc) as possible. Detail should be kept to suitable level - too little and you wont interest potential clients, too much and it doesn't allow for flexibility in your business - as changes will limit the use of your video.

As ever if you're interested in talking about using video within your small business further get in touch!