Cystic Fibrosis WA - CF Talk

We worked with Cystic Fibrosis WA (CFWA) back in 2017 as part of a larger media team who delivered a series of 6 cooking videos to try and assist young people with CF. So when CFWA contacted us about a new project - we jumped at the chance of helping out.

This time CFWA wanted to deliver a series of interviews which would help discuss topics around CF with an aim of helping to support and educate young people with CF.

Let’s check out the short promotional video that we delivered for the video series.

Each episode breaks down an individual topic;

  • Disclosing Cystic Fibrosis

  • Staying motivated

  • Their experiences at school

  • Work Careers and The Future

  • Relationships and

  • Embarrassing Moments

With interviews from 6 adults who have Cystic Fibrosis.

Behind the scenes we shot each interview separately for around an hour, talking through a question set which we had built off the client’s initial ideas. The entire shoot took around 6 weeks to complete - shooting about once per week.

With CF, cross-infection is a real potential issue and as such we worked with the interviewees to reduce this. By simply scheduling the interviews days apart from each other we dramatically reduced the chance of cross-infection and furthered this by also using non-contact mics - in this case an overhead boom-mic to make sure that we weren’t placing a mic from one person onto the next.

In editing we worked to provide a cut-down version of around 15-20mins (from the hour’s interview) to the client, who would then identify key components/messages to include in the final cut.

We then provided a shorter cut - around 10 mins, before again working with the client to whittled down the cut further.

We also worked on a title sequence - a highly animated title sequence with a ‘medical feeling’, which was reinforced with modern medical-feeling music.

The entire project took around 7 months to complete from start to finished, and what we hope we’ve delivered is something that can help many young adults and families in the CF community.

Any project we work on allows an opportunity to learn something - be it about how a business or industry works or in this case - understand a long-term and extremely difficult genetic condition.

Perhaps it’s comments like these on Cystic Fibrosis WA’s Facebook page helps to reassure us in the difference these videos are making:

“Watching this with my daughter who struggles to tell friends at school what she has thank you for doing this for all living with cf ❤❤❤ "

If you’d like to chat about interviews packing a punch for your not-for-profit or charitable organisation we’d love to have a chat.