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A Beginner's Overview of Video Editing Software

In today's video we're taking a sneaky peek into editing software.

If you've been wanting to try video editing, but it looks too scary then this is the video for you.

We take a simple look at Premiere Pro and what all the panels do. Nothing complex and hopefully reassuring to those starting out.

And whilst Head Beard Bruce talks about Premiere Pro… most of the video editing software out will actually have a similar look and feel - so points discussed can be carried over.

If you are looking at starting editing, but you don’t want to take a massive financial plunge, not that editing software is anywhere as expensive as it used to be… but we’d suggest taking a look at: HitFilm Express and DaVinci Resolve.

Both platforms are free and of a very high grade. Of the two DaVinici feels to us less ‘bloaty’ when run, and it’s actually a pro piece of software. And when we say pro….. Marvel Studio’s used it for ‘Avenger’s Infinity War’ and 'Antman and Wasp’… even Deadpool used it. So if you can’t get it to do what you need it to do - no offence, but it’s probably you, not the software.