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Kirby Swim - Karrinyup Pool Tour

Kirby Swim are a leading force in Perth's swim schools. They own and operate a number of swimming pools around Perth and Mandurah and, as long-term readers of the blog will know, we've worked with Kirby Swim before on their promotional video.

Well, this time around we were back working with Kirby Swim at their Karrinyup location to shoot a "pool tour" video.

Kirby Swim wanted to tackle a common business barrier; that often new parents are concerned about what they could be taking their new-born or young children into an unknown environment. Parents are often concerned that swimming pools are untidy and dirty and this isn't an environment that they want their children exposed to.

So combat this, and so as to show off the facilities that Kirby Swim has invested in in Karrinyup they asked us to shoot a simple and short pool tour video. So let's check out what we delivered.


Now, it's always awesome to get a positive response to our videos, and this one was no exception.

This video racked up an impressive 1,500 views in just 12 hours, 2,500 in around 24 hours and at the time of writing this article, 7 days later, the video has reached just over an impressive 7,000 views. Now, for clarity, this post was sponsored - meaning the post was paid to reach more people, however it was an amount under $50, which is excellent value for money, and even then the amount of organic (non-sponsored) reach was amazing.

When we spoke to Saskia, owner of Kirby Swim she couldn't have been happier at the outcome. She reported that by using a well timed video (Kirby Swim sees a natural rise in swimming inquiries as we leave winter/approach summer) as part of her marketing she had seen a dramatic increase in phone calls and business inquiries at Karrinyup. So much so that she had to take on two new members of staff and classes were almost at full capacity.

So if the numbers above don't provide some form of discussion point as to why your company should be using video, then I would ask this question: When was the last time your advertising reached a measurable 7,000 people in 7 days? And have that much engagement from potential clients? And resulted in additional business for your business?