The Kids Coach - Fitness

We were approached by Jamie and  Ro to shoot a series of fitness videos for their new Perth-based business; The Kids Coach. The Kids Coach aims to provide accessible and affordable interactive fitness videos that are designed just for kids.

Jamie and Ro approached us with a request to help them deliver two more videos in their existing video series. And so back in June we worked with them to shoot, edit and deliver two new episodes.

You can check out the first 30 seconds from the classroom episode below.

The Kids Coach has already visited and received a very warm welcome from local schools around Perth and during editing we even tested some of the rough edits with some small friends of GINGERBEARD, it wasn't long before they were up and jumping around the lounge trying to keep up with Coach Jamie - a fantastic sign of a great product.

Jamie and Ro not only hope to shoot more of these fitness episodes so that there is a whole  video range available for kids and parents, but they are also currently working to get the videos available on Apple's iOs Store so that accessibility is improved further. 

You can find more information on The Kids Coach's website -