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Ask the Beard;- How Do You Transfer Video Files To Your Clients?

At the end of a video project, our client will need to get hold of the finalised video files so that they can upload them to their chosen platform - be it YouTube or social media platforms such as Facebook. So how do we go about that? How do our clients receive their files?


Here at GINGERBEARD Media we have a number of file transfer solutions available for our clients. The way that we transfer will really be determined by a number of factors.

For most of our clients we provide a digital download of the finalised video. The client logs into a file transfer system such as Dropbox or Google Drive and then they can download their finished video to their computer. The file(s) our clients receive is ready to use in whatever capacity we’ve agreed at the start of the project.

For larger or more complex video projects we have worked with clients to upload their finalised video directly to the client's chosen video hosting platform. This is a great option to save time for all parties as it stops the need for multiple upload and downloads on both our and the client’s side. Simply put, using the clients credentials we upload the finalised videos directly to their video hosting platform - saving time and effort for all involved.

Finally, we are also able to provide physical copies of the video in the form portable flash or hard drive – the selection of which depends on the size of the finalised video file/files. We've also used this option a lot when we freelance for other companies, prominently those on the east coast.

And don’t forget! As with any electronic files, however you receive your video, you should always make sure you keep a back-up of them just in case something happens! No one likes data failure!

I hope this blog article and video has helped explained the options we use to hand over finalised video files to our clients and as ever; if you are interested in talking further about how video could help your small business, please feel free to get in contact.