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Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride 2013 - Premiere

In the back of 66 Motorcycles , a custom motorcycle design and fabrication shop in Fremantle, a group of cafe racer motorcycle enthusiasts gathered to watch a film. But before they could settle into that, GINGERBEARD Media premiered part 1 of a series on the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride, more commonly known in the circle as the DGR.

I stood at the back of the workshop as the screen; a curtain made from a large, heavy white sheet, was pulled off the floor and into place, hanging in front of the open garage roller door. The home projector was fired up, the stereo switched from music to laptop input and the lights turned off. The crowd settled.

It seemed somewhat appropriate that the first public screening of a GINGERBEARD Media project was to have such a rustic, 'back to basics' start.

The film aired for 3 minutes, 18 and a half seconds. It felt longer. I stood at the back my gaze switching between it and people standing in front of me. I watched the film to see how it looked on a big screen; trying to take it in. I watched people watching the film and tried to pick up on comments made, fingers pointed; how would it be received?

This is the first time that we have screened a project on a big screen and the first time in front of this many people. in addition, I knew almost no one in the crowd; so there would be no friendship favour reviews here.

Usually most films are posted on the internet and you watch the view figures grow. But, its removed, you are removed, and you can easily forget that each one of the numbers is a person. Here there is nowhere to hide. You instantly know what people think.

They clapped.