Toyota WA & West Coast Eagles - Heading Off-Road

A social video campaign that received over;

188,000 views, 2135 reactions, 405 Comments and 145 Shares!

Back in March 2019, we spent a day out on a remote beach with Toyota WA and players from the West Coast Eagles shooting a series of videos for social media.

Like other projects we’ve been involved in for Toyota, the plan is to create easy, funny and interesting content which allows Toyota to communicate its brand to potential and existing customers using the West Coast Eagles social media platform reach.

These videos are not direct marketing videos - which would typically get turned off or skipped when viewed on social, instead they are very soft marketing videos which leverage the brands.

Over the course of a few hours we shot a few different types of video content.

First up some simple ‘getting to know the players’ videos - which really helped the fans connect with the players.

Then a humour/adventure clip. We deliberately bogged one of the Toyota vehicles and then let the adventure escalate from there.

We created two ‘branded’ clips specifically designed for the Toyota dealerships to promote their vehicles. These were essentially bonus clips - making productive use of the time during the shoot to get more content for the client.

And finally another humorous/challenge video - where we had the players kicking into the rear of a Toyota Hilux for a bit of a challenge.

These videos have seen a massive, and best of all, positive reaction from the Eagles’ fans. Because whilst viewer numbers are important - that’s people who have seen your content, having a positive reaction when you’re leveraging off another brand is important - we don’t want to see the commercial side of the video damage either brand.

These videos allow the viewer to see the players in a different, interesting and ultimately engaging series of videos. It almost feels like we’re behind the scenes with the players. It’s ‘off the record’ conversations and activities that make us feel special.

Project like this do not come around all the time and we’re grateful to have been trusted to create and deliver something involving two large brands.

If you’re interested in having us work with your brand or company, then please feel free to get in touch