Royal Perth Hospital's Research Foundation - Case Study Video

Whilst working with Royal Perth's Medical Research Foundation to capture a free-to-the-public presentation, their marketing manager enquired about us creating a case study video. We jumped at the chance to create a video for them!

Working collaboratively with the client, we discussed the Case Study and its impacts that they’ve seen. We created a series of interview questions that would drive the project. We then sat down with patient Agnes and Professor Markus Schlaich to discuss this world first procedure.

On the shoot Anges, like many people we interview, was worried about how this would all play out. Being on camera can be a nervous experience, but like many our interviewees we worked with her to explain the process, reassured her of what was about to happen and then captured an amazing interview from her which would drive the story-line of the video.

Along with the main case study video, which now proudly sits on RPH Research Fondation’’s website, we also created a series of ‘social soundbite’ videos for the client.

These are designed to capture the viewer’s attention on social media and other marketing platforms and bring them back into the client’s website for more information.

In a world of short attention spans, often those watching don’t, or won’t watch the longer Case Study video, so by using these short soundbite videos we’re able to capture those who might be interested.

These soundbite videos have been delivered in 16x9 widecreen format for YouTube and website embedding as well as 1x1 square and 4x5 vertical formats which are perfect for social media.

It was amazing to create these series of videos on a world’s first procedure taking here in Perth, and wish Anges all the best in her next endavours.

If your business is looking to create a case study video, then why not have a chat with a company who takes your message from start to finish, creating videos which really work to tell your story. Just get in touch!