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Why Shooting Auto is OK

When we first enter the world of shooting video we start to do some research.

Inevitably we end on YouTube, watching videos on camera settings and often being berated by photo and video experts, claiming that we’ve sold our souls to the devil if we don’t shoot ‘in manual’.

And whilst shooting in manual will help us control the image more, and ultimately end up with a video that is far more alike to what we had in our mind, as busy business owners, learning a new skill can often cause more problems than it’s worth.

Today, Head Beard Bruce 'argues' the pros for auto... Because if you're a busy business owner, do you have time to learn, or is it more about getting content out there for your business?

In my opinion there's lots of articles and videos out there that encourage, and sometimes pressure everyone to shoot manual. But if you aren't practiced you can often end up with more questions and problems than results.

So Why We Might Turn To Auto In The First Place?

And the answer is pretty simple, time and resources. I’m sure if your business is anything like mine then its busy most of the time. Even when we have a lull in clients, there is always something to be working on. For us we’re spending time planning, shooting and editing clients videos and at the same time we need to be working on our website, marketing and advertising our business…. even these articles and videos take time. So business owners typically don’t have the time/effort and energy to scour the Tube for the right bit of information on camera settings.

It’s Simpler…

The truth is that instead of having to learn or understand shutter speed, ISO or aperture;- the basics of photo and video, we can simply rely on the auto setting to manage all of this for us. One spin of the ‘wheel of death’ to auto and we’re generally good to shoot.

Now that statement does come with a fair amount of caveats. The truth is that manual is likely to get you a better picture, it won’t adjust itself through the shot…. but if you are a one-man (or lady) band, who just needs to get the content out at 80%, the good enough, then auto is a good place to start. Auto helps you to get content out quicker.

Don’t be afraid!

The truth is, when you put a video out, 99.9% of people will not ask if you shot it on auto. If the result is good then people are there for the content.

So don’t be ashamed or afraid to shoot using auto.

When I posted this video in our How to Shoot Video For Your Business Facebook Group (feel free to come and join us), one of our business owners felt relieved about me bring this point up.

“Thanks for the video, it makes me feel better because almost 100% of my content (other than the amazing videos you did for us) are shot on iPhone”

Just Be Aware of The Issues

Look, I’m not going to make like auto is the solver of all problems. It definitely has problems. But if you start to learn them, and are aware of them when you shoot you can definitely help yourself.

For example - most auto modes will struggle to light your face properly if there is strong light behind you. So face towards the light, don’t put your back towards it.

Let's Wrap This Up

Auto is definitely a great starting point for both video and photo. It does have some flaws, so it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a way to skip the hassle and start recording your content straight away.

So don’t delay due to settings. Slip into auto and start smashing out your video goals!

As ever, if you have any questions or thoughts - chuck them down below and if you like this video and article, then head over to our Facebook Group;- How to Shoot Video for Your Business to continue your learning…. oh and you could also check out our podcast too, we’re available on most podcasty-outlets!

Until next time, beard out!

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