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AFAC - Fire & Emergency Management Conference 2018

We were contacted by Polygraph Productions to assist with shooting at AFAC 2018;- an emergency response management conference to be held in Perth’s Convention Centre.

Tom, owner of Polygraph Productions is based on Melbourne and would be flying in to cover the event. However with the conference be on for 3 days, with hundreds of delegates attending, presentations being made and trade stalls throughout the event, Tom contacted Head Beard Bruce to assist with capturing this event.

Bruce provided his services for 1 day, capturing many of the interviews and b-roll used in the final video.

Let’s take a look at the final product that Polygraph Productions delivered for their client.

Project Summary:

Main Videography: Tom Lowe, Polygraph Productions

2nd Camera Videography: Bruce Garrod, GINGERBEARD Media

Post Production: Tom Lowe, Polygraph Productions

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes we worked with the Tom to understand his scope of work, style and messages he wanted to capture. We then worked throughout the day to capture a list of interviews with stall holders.

One of the challenges for the project, in fact any project where camera operators and equipment is different, is making sure that camera style and content match or mirror what other operators are capturing. So communication in this project was key.


Let's Wrap This Up

Whilst GINGERBEARD Media spends most of it’s time working directly with clients to deliver their videos, working with other companies is something that helps us to continue to build our skill set. Communication in a project like this is key to ensure success - and this is both in the run up to the event as well as during.

Whilst we believe we’ve provided some solid interviews and b-roll to the project, Tom from Polygraph has done an excellent job bringing the story together in the edit.

As ever, we're always happy to talk about video and work with other video production companies or agencies in a freelance role. If you’d like to hear more from us, then just get in touch.