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Why Your Videos Need Captions

Captions are probably the biggest underestimated way to hold better viewer engagement for videos. Yes, a bold statement, but something we agree on here at Beard HQ. 

So we're going to keep this article short and sweet, because today's topic is such an easy, quick fix!

Why should we get excited about captions?

A lot of people on their social media scroll will do so in places that either don't 'allow' sound - like at work, in front of the TV and even the toilet or they just aren't invested enough in your video to switch the sound on;- we've spoken to numerous people who actually read the captions to see if your video is worth investing their time in - at which point they turn the sound on. 

So captions are a great way for you to communicate and better engage with your audience. 

How Do You Get Captions?

Our best friend for captions at the moment is This website is simple to use and best of all - cheap.

At $1USD per minute of video it works out very nicely for cost, they are pretty darn accurate for their typing.... and best off all;- we don't have to do, this quite frankly painful job ourselves. Remember when we listed this method as our way to do captions? Horrible!

Wrap It Up

There you go - our why and how of captions! So get out there and start captioning your videos;- it'll really help your viewers, especially on social media.