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How to Sync Audio From Two Cameras

It's becoming more and more common for business owners to shoot video on one device and record audio on another, or simply use two cameras to record - usually an interview.

But when it comes to editing, syncing the two pictures or sound in your chosen editing program can become a nightmare.

So today, Head Beard Bruce is providing his quick tip that works for every device and every platform ever.

That's right the simple clap twice trick, done in a way that is captured on all devices can really help save you.

So - if you're running two cameras, the trick is to make sure that wherever you do it, it can be seen. And if you're doing it using audio gear make sure it's nice and clean and audible - i.e close the mic, and nice and loud in a quiet environment.

Then when you head to editing - just look for the audio spikes on the tracks that need lining up.

It's as simple as that. Clap clap.


The Other Thought / Tip

The other final tip, not mentioned in the video, is to remember that if you reset the gear - i.e. you stop and then start a take - remember to start with the clap. Sometimes it's easier just to leave things running but usually, we make the call on set if we're going to use time (space on cards, battery power etc) waiting, or use time restarting.


Let's Wrap This Up

As ever, if you're interested in discussing these topics further then I would suggest joining up to our Facebook Group;- How to Shoot Video For Your Business, and obviously if you'd like us to get involved in delivering professional marketing videos for your business, then we'd love to have a chat.