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Why Your Videographer Should Show Personal Passion

Last week I took a few days out to head North up our beautiful coast of Western Australia. Of course I took a camera and the drone with me, and then cut together this summary of my experience.

And personally I think the edit has come together very nicely.

But this is a personal video, why share it on through the business page Head Beard? Has Jeff made another bo-bo?!

Well, let me ponder for a while...

I believe that personal projects are vitally important for the development of skills and technique of both camera operators and editors. They allow us to experiment and try new styles of techniques out with really only risk to ourselves.

When we're working on client productions we can look to be progressive with the work, but when we're being paid we need to make sure we deliver. 

Compare this to a chef...

You'd love it for a chef to experiment with their cooking, to try new styles and recipes and ultimately bring you something amazing... but would you want to pay for a failed experiment? Would you risk a chef's trail and error in the hope to get an awesome dinner. Probably not. You want something that works. And it's the same for video. But that doesn't mean the chef shouldn't give up on improving their skills.

It's hard to talk about visuals...

We also need to recognise that it is often hard to verbalise a piece of visual communication. At GINGERBEARD Media we attempt to solve this problem through the use of written shotplans - these help to document what will happen visually in a video. But even then, we often find that clients have trouble seeing our vision for their project - because they are often used to dealing with hard, tangible subjects of which, video, is not.

But by shooting pieces such as this it allows a piece to come to life naturally. It allows clients the opportunity to see what's possible, without risk to their projects. This is effectively a chef trying out a recipe with no risk to the paying client.

And from previously showing personal projects I have often had clients see certain elements in my personal projects that they have liked, and request them for their commercial projects.


I believe that having and chasing the passion in your craft leads to more experiences, leading to building a better, more experienced creative, which ultimately leads to a better product for the client. It also allows for a client to see a visual style or technique in person, not through writing or verbal communication.

So that is why today I'm sharing not just a video, but my passion.

As ever, if you'd like to talk about how our passion for video can help your business, please feel free to get in contact.


Head Beard, GINGERBEARD Media