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Denae Brown - Climb The Leaderboard

For longer term readers of our blog, you may remember CrossFit Games athlete Denae Brown - we have worked with Denae before for the launch of her fitness app; Analogue

Well last week we were back working with Denae and her new business partner, Nutritionist Kymberley Ritchie. This top sport-training team have paired up to launch Climb the Leaderboard;- a ramp-up training program for those looking to increase their training performance in-line with upcoming CrossFit Open

imac Mock Up sm.jpg

Kymberley and Denae contacted GINGEBEARD Media as they were looking to develop a library of photos which would help allow them to populate their new website as well as giving them more content to post on their social media.

We couldn't resist heading over to help shoot a series of photos, 208 in total in fact, to help out their new project. A selection of which can be found below.

The photos we have delivered show a range of the business' operation and this is vital if a business wishes to show off the many areas it operates in.

There is a photo series to communicate the planning side of the business, a series on the communication between Denae and Kymberley, a series on the coaching and a series, of course, a series on the client engagement and interaction. Each one of these series of photos help to communicate the business' brand whilst showing off what value it provides to potential customers.

When shooting any form of media in a business, be it video or photo, it is imperative that not only the end use of the media is considered - that the platform, as (for example) sizings will differ, but also layout; perhaps a commercial message will be added and so space needs to be left in one area, but that also that the story is considered. What message are you trying to convey to viewers of the picture?

For the media we deliver, we constantly work with our clients to understand these requirements as it helps to deliver media which is consistent with the client's brand, it has a purpose in its use and it communicates the correct commercial message - all of which is vital in use media successfully.

If you are looking to build a library of photos for your business, be it for use on your website or social media, then we'd love to have a chat - so please feel free to get in contact.