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Southern CrossFit - CrossFit Opens Workout 15.4 [Episode 4 - Matt]

Week 4 of the CrossFit Open and we're back at Southern CrossFit Nedlands, this time working with Matt as he heads through 15.4; handstand pushups and cleans.

As this is the 4th time we've filmed in this format, the project starts to really show its ease behind the scenes. We know the consistent format and the interviewees start to know the format/schedule, but what really shines is the time reduction in editing.

With this series of films when comparing the editing of this episode to the first episode, it would be 4-5 times quicker. It is of course proof in the age old methodology that practice makes perfect, but its also what we were hoping to achieve at the start of the project.

Next week we have our last production of the 5 weeks and it'll be interesting to see what further improvements we can make to the process and what lessons we can bring over to our corporate clients.