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Southern CrossFit - CrossFit Opens Workout 15.4 [Episode 4 - Matt]

Week 4 of the CrossFit Open and we're back at Southern CrossFit Nedlands, this time working with Matt as he heads through 15.4; handstand pushups and cleans.

As this is the 4th time we've filmed in this format, the project starts to really show its ease behind the scenes. We know the consistent format and the interviewees start to know the format/schedule, but what really shines is the time reduction in editing.

With this series of films when comparing the editing of this episode to the first episode, it would be 4-5 times quicker. It is of course proof in the age old methodology that practice makes perfect, but its also what we were hoping to achieve at the start of the project.

Next week we have our last production of the 5 weeks and it'll be interesting to see what further improvements we can make to the process and what lessons we can bring over to our corporate clients.

Southern CrossFit - CrossFit Opens Workout 15.3 [Episode 3 - Tristen]

It's week 3 of the CrossFit Opens and that means we were back working with Southern CrossFit on our development project; following their athletes through the CrossFit Opens.

As we've mentioned before, the As we mentioned in our first and second blog posts about this series, our overall objective is really designed to work on our interview techniques and speed of editing (film on Saturday with a Monday release). This time around, due to personal commitments over the weekend, we really had to focus on speed editing - this ended up being a half day turn around. 

We believe that by constantly challenging ourselves in these sort of projects we bring a better product to our customers.

Southern CrossFit - CrossFit Opens Workout 15.2 [Episode 2 - Ashley]

So we were back over the weekend working with Southern CrossFit on our development project; following their athletes through the CrossFit Opens.

As we mentioned in our first blog post of this series, our overall objective is really designed to work on our interview techniques and speed of editing (film on Saturday with a Monday release). This time around we added in an additional challenge; working in an environment that was new and unfamiliar to us as we headed to Southern CrossFit's Nedlands gym instead of the usual Willeton location. This change of location meant speed of planning on the day was also key to delivering this project successfully.

We believe that by constantly challenging ourselves in these sort of projects we bring a better product to our customers.

Southern CrossFit - CrossFit Opens Workout 15.1 [Episode 1 - Sam]

It's CrossFit Open Season again and this year we approached Southern CrossFit about following their athletes through each workout released.

So every week for the next 5 weeks we're following a new person as they head through the CrossFit Opens workout for that week. Find out how they plan to attack the workout, their hopes for this years Opens and what they're thinking as they head into the workout.

Why? We approached Southern to complete this project so as to help with the continued development of our interview and documentary skills. We're also hoping that with a limited timeframe; in both filming the workout itself and turn around times (film Saturday for a Monday release) it also helps develop our editing skills.

Southern CrossFit - Introduction Video

Southern CrossFit, like any business is always looking for new clients. Working within the fitness industry they recognise that CrossFit is often viewed as an 'extreme' form of fitness; so often it is harder to get someone to just 'give it a go'. 

So, their challenge to us was in 50 seconds or less, introduce their business, show off their equipment and facilities and in a friendly manor encourage potential clients to come down and try Southern CrossFit.

So below is their video - an excellent example of our Animated Video Package.

Southern CrossFit - Bring a Friend

Southern CrossFit asked us to bring together some new fresh designs for their "Bring a Friend" promotional material.

We provided 3 designs specifically for their Facebook, Instagram and old school A4 printer.

It's great to get back behind Photoshop first thing this new year!

Southern CrossFit - 12 Days of CrossFit


So last weekend we were back working with the guys over at Southern CrossFit.

This time they had their members heading through a pretty painful workout known within their gym as the 12 Days of CrossFit; a real chipper of a workout.

We captured two classes being put through their paces using our slow-mo cam and some go-pro timelapses.

You can check out the video below.

The Primal Series After Party

You may remember a blog post from us a few weeks ago about the work we undertook for the guys at The Primal Series in producing a series of three posters for the Primal Throwdown 2014.

We'll as part of the tradition, there is also an After Party. So we thought it only right that we produce some posters in the same design style.

Primal Throwdown 2014 Online Wildcard WOD 3

Final week, final workout video for the Primal Series. It's been great working with the guys from Southern CrossFit, who run the Primal Throwdown, to produce these videos.

Each year they seem to challenge us to produce better and better videos. This year's challenge really surrounded the animations as well as still working within a very quick turnaround schedule.

Personally, we think the animations really add to these videos; helping to demonstrate the acceptable and unacceptable standards for this competition and that are needed to run an online competition in general.

Southern CrossFit - ANZAC Day Workout (Video)

You may remember a blog post a coupe of weeks ago with photos from Southern CrossFit's ANZAC Day Work Out.

Well, as well as shooting photo, we also shot a video.

This time around we we're trying to concentrate on the community vibe that the gym has, this is reflected in our shots of athletes supporting each other as they get through this monster of a workout.

Primal Throwdown 2014 Online Wildcard WOD 2

OK, so here we go again - another week, another Primal Throwdown video.

It's the second week in the online competition that the guys at The Primal Series are running. Just like last week they needed an "explainer" video to detail everything that the athletes needed to know.

We're already looking forward to shooting and releasing the last of the series!

Southern CrossFit - ANZAC Day Workout (Photo)

This morning we headed down to Southern CrossFit to check out a mass of Crossfitters as they headed through the hero workout dubbed "Gallagher & McDonald".

The grueling partner workout involving 200m runs, kettlebell swings, pullups and front squats is done in recognition of two fallen Australian soldiers.

PTE Galagher & LCPL McDonald were serving together with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan when they were tragically killed in a helicopter crash on 30 August 2012. 

The full set of photos can be found on Southern CrossFits Facebook page.

A video is to follow. Stay tuned!

The Primal Throwdown 2014

Roughly six weeks ago we were asked by Southern Crossfit if we wanted to take a run at producing the poster for their yearly Crossfit competition; The Primal Throwdown.

Graphic design is a logical next step for us;- it merges well with photo and like photo and video, allows us to show some creative flare.

So with the end result now released out into the interwebbs and tickets about to go on sale shortly, I thought it would be interesting to look at the couple of revisions that didn't make the cut. For me, I enjoy seeing what made it and what didn't; be it design or product. So I figured others might too.

So first up, the first round that didn't make the cut.

As with any design you have to convey a message and we aren't necessarily talking about what's said with text; in this case title, date, location etc. With these designs we were also aiming to show a number of different messages; the emotions of competing, the atmosphere of the event and range of athletes who take part.

In the end these designs weren't selected and we decided to run with a simpler design.

The "winning" trio of designs were:

But again even in the success of these three selected posters, there were others that didn't make it. Here are the remaining six posters that weren't used as part of the competition's launch.

So there you go, some insight into the Primal Throwdown 2014 posters and the design revisions we go through before release.

Get on Beard and let us know your thoughts and comments below.

Southern Crossfit - Opens 2014.1

Public holiday?! Pah!

This long weekend we headed down to Southern Crossfit to cheer on the athletes heading through the open WOD to the 2014 Crossfit Games... and grabbed a couple of snaps too.