Bass Camp Festival

Bass Camp is a new music festival kicking off just outside of Fremantle on the Australia Day weekend. The organisers looked to us to create a promo video for the event.

Let’s see what we came up with….

The first thing to really highlight here is that as this is a new festival there is no previous footage to use - instead we had to create the festival fo the video, so that they could market the festival.

Thankfully the organisers were able to bring together an awesome team that could help showcase what the festival will look like. Our challenge was really to make sure we created a video that helped show and sell their vision and vibe - and we did this through showing and using emotion and vibe in the video. So rather than focus on scale - focus on the enjoyment of being there in your friendship group.

We also knew that social media was going to be a core component of driving ticket sales - so we created both a 16x9 (above) video and 4x5 format video for social media platforms.

We believe we’ve created a fun, happy, energy-driven stylised video that shows off the key points of the event… and it must have worked - the event sold out of its first release of tickets quickly.