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Introducing Matters of Taste

We were referred to Matters of Taste by local graphic and web design, web development and online marketing company Club of Aces.

Club of Aces were redeveloping Matters of Taste's website and at the same time as this work, Matters of Taste were keen to bring their old welcome/introduction video bang up to date.

After meeting with owners Tracey and Anthony, we set about delivering Matters of Taste's new video.

Let's check out what we delivered for them.

Matter of Taste's new introductory video sits on the front page of their website - ready for all all potential chefs to check out.

Our Website Welcome Video Package is a great way to introduce who you are, what your business does and why people should choose yours over others.

If you're interested in having a chat about how video could help your business, please feel free to get in contact.