Website Welcome Video Package

Website Welcome Video Package

Give your business the presence it deserves! 

Our Website Welcome Video Package will help you stand out, build trust and grow your business with new, potential and existing customers.

Looking for a video to showcase your business? Want a video on the front front page of your website? Then this is the package for you!

This package will explain to your potential clients what your business is all about, what you offer and why clients should use you. Using a customised script, this video package will deliver a 90 second to 2 minute video that will showcase your business with a clear, benefit-focused message about your business and its products and services.

More information and prices: Website Welcome Video Package Information Sheet.

Base Package Inclusions

    • 1 hour pre-film meeting in which we discuss everything needed to deliver your project which successfully meets your vision and objectives
    • Development of your shotplan and scripting documentation which results in a more efficient and easier shoot experience and helps to deliver a better end product
    • 4 hours of filming on location at your chosen destination
    • Motion graphics to provide animated lower thirds, and where needed animated key text messages
    • 2 Hours of Client Amendments to ensure your video really delivers your message
    • Use of a licensed, royalty-free music track, ensuring your advertising can be used anywhere online with out take-down notices.
    • All edited into a 90 second - 2 minute video
    • Delivered in video formats ready for use on YouTube and Facebook
    • And provided with a custom Video Thumbnail

Optional Extras

  • Increased filming/editing time - In case it isn't possible to capture everything you need in the standard package 
  • Drone - make use of our licenced drone to really show your business off from the air!
  • Additional Motion Graphics & Animation - Add some additional flair to your video! Get your logo animated or perhaps increase the amount of motion graphics in your video
  • Premium music - Upgrade the music from our standard package music to a selection of Premium music tracks
  • Professional actor - Push the professionalism of your video further and free up your time by using a professional actor
  • Subtitles / Closed Captions - More people are watching videos without sound, so get your message across by using captions.

Examples of our Website Welcome Video Packages

Product Information Sheet - Including Prices

Download our Website Welcome Video Package Information Sheet to find out more and discover our competitive prices.

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