Short video media is tremendously effective at communicating messages to existing and potential customers, investors, clients and employees. 

A great video will tell a story about your product or service, your passion for your business all in a very short period of time. 


Television, print media and radio advertising might not be for you or your business. Perhaps you find the cost a barrier, perhaps it doesn't hit your target market in a reliable manor. Your business is reliant upon referrals from existing customers, your location and the specialist knowledge, product or service that you offer. to grow and retain market share.

GINGERBEARD Media works with you at each step to achieve you media objectives.


Each Media Project is different, however we use a similarly simple process so as to help streamline and deliver your product, on time and on budget.

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Our Services & Cost



Ideally we like to plan, shoot, edit and present the entire package; we feel that the work flows nicely if you keep the same team involved from start to finish. However, that is not always possible for a variety of reasons.

We are able to provide our services in 'broken block' packages; so that for example, you may choose to provide us with footage to edit, or you may like us to shoot and then provide you with the raw footage for editing. 


Its the question that everyone wants to know straight away.


Every project is different, everyone will have different budge constraints, different ideas on what they would like to achieve, how much time will be spent on the project and a number of other variables.  

All we ask is that you get in touch, call us, send us an email and we'll work to provide you the best solution for the right price.