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We offer 3 video packages to suit most needs… or go custom.

We offer 3 main packages for businesses looking to use video to market their business on their website or social media. For many businesses these are a starting point - they customise them as needed or go completely custom.

You’ll find more information on each package including examples of work and a clear pricing structure in our Product Information Sheets. We also offer a free consultation over the phone to really get to the heart of your project and help you select what we can deliver that will give your business the best results.

Annnndddd…. We don't just offer packages - We’re always happy to quote for non-package videos or complimentary services such as drone work and photography; just get in contact with us to discuss your needs.

Our Video Packages

Business Introduction Video Packages

Our Business Introduction Video Packages will deliver you a series of video tools that can be used on your website and social media.

These videos introduce your business, explain what value you deliver and separate you from your competition

Our Business Introduction Video Packages will help you stand out, build trust and grow your business with new, potential and existing customers.

More information & Examples


Testimonial Video Package

We'll deliver a professionally recorded testimonial interview with your client that will not only help build trust with potential clients, but also help showcase your work and provide marketing content for your business.

More information & Examples


Social Media Content Video Package

If you're looking to use content marketing to communicating your brand then you'll need lots of content. But often, businesses struggle with having enough content specific to their business so as to utilise such a strategy. 

Our Social Media Content Video Package will deliver large quantities of media on a monthly basis, customised to your business, so as to allow you to market and advertise your business in line with your content marketing strategy. 

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Yes! We Do More Than Just Packages!

We don’t only do package work, in fact a lot whilst some of our work is customisation of existing packages we also offer completely custom work as well as freelance work for other media companies too.

So come and have a chat with us if you don’t see something that works for you and your business.