Our portfolio aims to showcase the range and variety of media we've delivered for our customers. Here, we've broken down our videos into different areas/types to help demonstrate our range. You can find all of the media we've delivered in our blog.

Our two-minute showreel picks out the best selection of our shots

Corporate Videos

Subsea 7

Subsea 7; an international offshore engineering company asked us to come in and shoot a launch video for their new health and safety programme; Great Safety Day.

This launch video was used as part of a company-wide presentation which was made to their employees.

Business Advertising


Our in house advertisement shows what can be achieved with simple animation and a quick and clear message.

CrossFit Quarter Melville

We worked with CrossFit Quarter Melville to deliver their corporate welcome video.

Working closely with CrossFit Quarter owner Bec Halliday we worked to bring multiple sell messages that they wanted to deliver into a short promotional video that now sits proudly on the front page of their website.

Dogs Refuge Home

Working with local not-for-profit and charity organisations is part of our core business 'give-back' philosophy. So we jumped at the chance to work with Dogs Refuge Home to deliver a corporate video that sits on their website home page.

Avalon Beauty College 

Avalon Beauty College approached us about providing a video to help explain their 'online face2 face' teaching system. 

Our simple video helped explain to potential clients what the system is and how it works.

Product Advertising

Soa "The Hulk"; Skin X

We worked with Professional Mixed Martial Artist Soa "The Hulk" Palelei to produce one of his sponsorship videos.

Special Announcements

Launching something new? An announcement video is the way to go!

Event Montage

Event montages, especially within the world of sports is without doubt our biggest field of experience.

Non-Sport Event Coverage


Photography Videos

Photo-videos can make simple but effective promotional videos

Primal Pairs 2013

As a new event with no video captured from the previous year it was impossible to produce a video trailer for this forth-coming sports event, however photos had been taken.

Instructional and How-To Videos

Showing users how to use your product prior to purchase can help increase customer understanding and therefore sales as a resulting factor.


Gangnam Style

These are just examples of our media, you can find all of our media projects through our Blog.