Testimonial Video Packages

Use Video to Build Trust in Your Brand!

We offer two types of video testimonial packages;- Corporate and Social.

Each package will create a professional testimonial, or series of video testimonials that will build a better emotional connection with the viewer;- ultimately marketing your business through a deeper personal connection with an individual.

Our Corporate Testimonials are typically longer in length and are designed to engage with website viewers. On the other hand, our Social Testimonials are shorter and higher volume and are optimised for social media, they have a far more casual and raw feel for the viewer. 

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The Formal Testimonials

The Social Testimonials

  • Short form video

  • A more casual, raw and relaxed feeling

  • An unscripted responses to questions helps them to feel natural

  • Higher quantity of videos

  • Perfect for marketing you business on social media

  • Longer form video content

  • A more formal / professional feeling

  • Crafted responses ensure the message communicated is inline with the business message

  • Perfect for Website and email content, like case studies


Examples of Our Work

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