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Testimonial Video Packages

Use Video to Build Trust in Your Brand!

We offer two types of video testimonial packages;- formal and social. These tools will deliver a series of professional testimonial videos that will not only help build trust with potential clients, but also help showcase your work and provide marketing content for your business.

Our Formal testimonials are designed at engaging with website viewers with a more corporate feeling. Whilst our Social testimonials are desgined to engage with viewers on social media with a more casual approach for the viewer.


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The Formal Testimonial

The Social (Informal) Testimonial

  • Typically a shorter form of video content with a more relaxed feeling

  • An unscripted response means that they often feel more natural

  • Ideally the viewer should feel as if they have interrupted the person in their task, this in turn leads to a more authentic feeling about the testimonial given

  • Pros: Great for building trust in a relaxed and friendly manner

  • Cons: Relaxed feel can feel less professional for corporate clients, unscripted responses can loose specific words being used (on message).

  • Typically a longer form of video content with a more formal feeling

  • Scripted responses mean that messages stay word-for-word on message

  • Usually a sit down interview involving people from the business itself

  • Pros: A more formal feeling for the business, great for that official corporate feeling

  • Cons: Scripted feeling can feel 'produced' or managed, which can lead to a loss of brand trust.

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