Perth is Boring....?

The Advert - Perth is Boring...?

In 2015 we're looking to do something different. So here's the advert we posted on Gumtree to try and get others involved.

Local indie filmmaker seeks help from the local community for mini documentaries to show Perth, Perth communities and our subcultures at their best. Intrigued? Read on. 


We've heard it all before. Perth is boring. But if you live in Perth you know that isn't right. But is often a case of who you know, not what you know! We'd like to show a different perspective, i's best perspective. 

Perth is such a vibrant place that is resident to great people who undertake a massive range of activities and interests, but it's also true that these treasures are often hidden. So we're looking to record a series of web mini-documentaries showing what hidden treasures exist. Let's show Perth off its best. 

Are you part of a hidden community or subculture? Do you have an interest you want to share with others? Do you want to help show Perth off to others? 

All ideas and input welcomed. 

If you're interested in being a part of this project or simply have an idea, why not get in contact? Email: