Personal Branding Video Package

Personal Branding Video Package

Communicate your passion; you're different from those around you!

Our Personal Advertising Video Package will produce a up to 1.5 minute professional profile video that shows the passion you have for your job. We believe it will not only add value to you and your business but become your #1 used sales tool in your arsenal.

This is a must have for anyone who works as a customer-facing service provider! Real estate agents, photographers, personal trainers the list is varied and almost unending.

More information and prices: Personal Branding Video Package Information Sheet

Package inclusions

  • 1 hour pre-film meeting in which we discuss everything needed to deliver your project which successfully meets your vision and objectives
  • 2 hours of filming on location at your chosen destination. The time on location breaks down into an hour of interview footage where we really get to understand what makes your business tick followed by one hour following you as you conduct your business.
  • Edited and delivered into a two minute Signature video
  • Music track included in package price
  • Inclusion of a static company logo and contact details.
  • One edit amendment prior to video delivery.

Optional Extras

  • Mobile Background Screen - Change out your location background for a professional white/black or custom background
  • Premium music - Change out the music from our standard package music
  • Animated logo - Add some flair to your logo; get it animated
  • Two camera setup - Make use of our dual camera system allowing for different angles of your presenter in your video
  • Increased filming time - Perhaps it's not possible to capture your business within the package allowed time, you need another day or you want to include a timelapse video.

Examples of Our Professional Branding Video Package


Product Information Sheet - Including Prices

Download our Personal Branding Video Package Information Sheet to find out more and discover our competitive prices.

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