Our simple pricing structure in our video packages allows you to pick and choose how to spend your money. Simply select the type of video you would like and then add any optional extras you wish to have your video include.

We offer 5 video packages:

  1. Corporate Video Package
  2. Signature Video Package
  3. Basic Profile Video Package
  4. YouTube Advertising Video Campaign Package
  5. Animated Text Video

We are always happy to quote for non-package videos; just get in contact with us to discuss your needs.

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Package 1 - Corporate Video Package

Give your Business the Presence it Deserves! 

Our professional Corporate Video Package will help you stand out, build trust and grow your business with both new and existing customers.

Our Corporate Video Package will produce a one minute professional profile video that you and your business will be proud of. We help you to create the script, make you look good on camera and provide direction so you deliver a clear, benefit-focused message about your business.


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Package 2 - Signature Video Package

Communicate your passion; you're different from those around you!

We all work in a crowded business market but you know that standing out from those who offer the same service as you is key to your success. But how do you show that?

Our Signature Video Package will produce a up to two minute professional profile video that you will add value to you and your business and become your #1 used tool in your arsenal.

Displayable on your website, useable on your social media as well as your electronic marketing communications such as newsletters and emails, we find out what makes your business different from others around you and show it off to your fullest. You could even link to it using a QR code placed on your print media. However you use it, your signature video will mean that you get in front of more potential clients than you ever can by physically introducing yourself.

This is a must have for anyone who is a customer-facing service provider! Real estate agents, photographers, personal trainers the list is varied and almost unending.

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See more examples of our Signature Videos here!

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Package 3 - Basic Profile Video Package

Effective video communication on a budget! 

You want a professional video but you need to keep it simple quick and easy? This is the package for you. 

Our Basic Profile Video Package will produce a 30 second to two minute professional looking video that will quickly and simply deliver your message.

Aimed at those who have a limited budget, want regular professional videos kept on a budget, those who don't have access to a suitable filming location or simply want to keep their video short and simple. Our Basic Profile Video Package can be used through your social media channels such as Facebook to quickly communicate messages on your brand, product or service. 

You come up with the message, we come to you, film it, edit it and deliver it. 

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Package 4 - YouTube Advertising Video Campaign

Take on TV advertising at a fraction of the cost and win!

Want to advertise your business and/or its products and services to a bigger and wider market, but TV, print media and radio aren't for you? Our YouTube Advertisement Package is exactly what your looking for.

We take our Corporate Video Package or Signature Video Package and use it to advertise your business on YouTube. You decide how much you want to spend and who you want your advertisement to target; age, sex and location. We can even run the advertisement during specific hours, days limit it to specific devices as well as automatically running it for specified periods. It's highly specific and customisable advertising at a cost that's completely in your control.


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Package 5 - Animated Text Video Package

The quick, easy and cost effective way to kick off your venture into corporate video

Need a video that holds your customers' attention without breaking the bank or taking time out of your business' schedule for a film shoot? Then this is the package for you! 

Our Animated Text Video Package can be up and running in days and because there is no live filming there is no need for you to commit your time. You just select options from our pre-defined list, provide us with the information and then await your film's delivery; allowing you to concentrate on what you do best - your business.

See more examples of our Animated Text Video Packages here!

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See more examples of our Animated Text Videos here!

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Custom & Creative Video

Want something listed outside of our packages? You're not alone! We develop and deliver custom and creative videos at competitive prices. Why not get in with us contact to discuss your ideas!