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Since our inception in 2012 we've learnt, picked up and developed a wealth of knowledge about not only shooting video and photo, but also how best to develop, produce content and communicate video marketing content in the most effective ways to market not only GINGERBEARD Media, but our client's businesses too.

We've always shared our knowledge with our clients and followers of our blog, but after many requests we're now sharing our knowledge with the wider business community;- and a lot of the content is available for free.

That's right, we're sharing our professional knowledge for free!

Our aim is to better inform and educate the business community on ways to better communicate with their clients and potential target market through the use of photo and video, ultimately leading to better marketing, business growth and higher revenue. 

If you're looking to shoot your own content, take control of your business' media strategy, learn tips and tricks or put your existing media to better use - this is the place to be!

In our free section, you'll find a series you'll find a series of articles and videos which help on these topics - and the best thing, all the content is from a business that actually does this every day for businesses, not a collation of articles written from other sources or from someone who started their business to sell information - this is practical expedience that is used every day to deliver GINGERBEARD Media's clients projects.

And our paid services you'll be directly in touch with Head Beard Bruce; an experienced videographer and editor. Who better to learn from?

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We offer 3 ways for you to Learn with the Beard; Solo, through our Workshops and 1-on-1 as a consult.

Solo (Free)

If you're looking for free resources on how to shoot your own content and put it to work for your company;- then check out below!

We've pulled together articles and videos which explain exactly that - start learning, today, for free!

Workshop (Coming Soon)

Express your interest for a workshop where you'll learn a specific subject around shooting or using media for your business.


Go fully custom. Ask the questions you want to ask, learn what you want to learn. 

Sit down with Head Beard Bruce in person or on Skype to ask any questions you have on creating or using media or be taught a new editing or shooting skill.