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Examples of our Business introduction Content

Website Business Introduction Videos

When a someone visits your website they are usually more engaged in your brand, company or product compared to communications which are being pushed out from you - say through social media or an email marketing campaign. This is because at this stage of their purchase decision they are actively seeking information on what you do, they are becoming invested in your company/brand/product and they want assurance in your service. This provides a opportunity for a video to be of longer length than typical social media marketing. We believe that a video of around 1:30 minutes in length is enough time to build trust without disengaging the viewer from your message.

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Social Media Introduction Videos

Whilst the average total amount of time we spend on social media is increasing year on year (In 2017 a total average of 116mins a day) we're spending more of that time regularly checking (2015; 51%, 2016;53%, 2017; 55% will check more than 5 times a day), rather than looking in one block like traditional media such as TV. This means that when we're using social media to market, we need to make sure we're quick. Viewers have limited time and certainly are unlikely to watch longer marketing videos that they may consider irrelevant to them.

Our Social Media Introduction Videos are effective, condensed versions of your Website Introduction Video or even a video on a standalone product or service. We use the highlights of your product or service to really showcase your business quickly. Our aim is to catch the attention and ultimately the interest of the viewer so that they seek out more information - either through visiting your website, checking out your socials or giving you a call.

If you're looking for regular marketing content for your business's social media, then you can also head to our Social Media Content Video Package

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Social Media Teaser Videos

Our Social Media Teaser Videos are designed with two objectives in mind;- 1) to quickly grab and engage the viewer on your product, brand or service and 2) to provide additional content with which businesses can market their business.

We've found over the years that having an introduction video on your business is great, but there are only so many times you can publish it in quick succession. However, with our Social Media Teaser Videos you can quickly engage with potential customers and have more content with which to market your business.

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Short Testimonial Videos

Building trust in a brand takes time, but our Short Testimonial Videos give you a start in the process. We interview one client on your business and give you 3 brilliant tools to use on your website and social media to help market your business, brand, product or service. Our more raw or informal style of shooting helps to give the viewer a feeling that these are unscripted views of existing clients - thus trust with the brand is built as they feel more honest when compared to a more edited testimonial.

You can check out our Testimonial Video Package if you're looking for more information on our testimonials.

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Facebook Cover Videos

Did you know that Facebook now allows you to upload video to your business page's cover image? It's a great way to catch the eye of a potential client  and summarise your business at work!

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Staff Profile Photos

Great for introducing your staff, particularly on your website's 'About' page.

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Business Photos

Show off your business location, premises and facilities through photography. This is particularly useful for building trust with your website visitors, but could also be useful for print material like flyers and timetables. Whatever you need it for - we've got you covered!

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