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Primal Throwdown 2015

It's our annual CrossFit event, the birth place of GINGERBEARD Media; The Primal Throwdown. Each year we spend three days filming some of the best CrossFit athletes in Western Australia fight it out for a spot on the Primal podium.

It's a great competition that brings out the best in the athletes and us as camera and editing work-horses. The hours are long and stressful and each year we need to produce something bigger and better.

Here's this years entry.

WOD Magazine Article

WOD Magazine; a magazine dedicated to the Crossfit community in Australia, was released yesterday and with it came an article on the Primal Throwdown 2014 ... with images and writing from us!

Thanks to the guys over at Southern Crossfit and The Primal Series for the opportunity to step as part of the media team this year and compile the article on their behalf; it was a new and different challenge.

Don't forget to grab your copy here

Primal Throwdown 2014 - 140kg Clean & Jerk - Ryan Woodall

It was a moment of many, for many, that made the Primal Throwdown 2014.

Ryan Woodall of Injustice Crossfit was one of the last competitors to move through the Primal Throwdown's Saturday Night Lights' Clean and Jerk Ladder.

The clean and jerk ladder involves athletes, starting at 90kg's, lifting each weighted bar successfully to move onto the next heavier bar. You finish when you cannot lift anymore and at that point have hopefully out-lifted the other athletes.

By the time Ryan came to make this lift he had, not only successfully lifted 10 other bars, but also competed in numerous other punishing workouts on that day.

Ryan stepped up to the 140kg loaded bar, and well, you can see what happens in our film below.

The Primal Series After Party

You may remember a blog post from us a few weeks ago about the work we undertook for the guys at The Primal Series in producing a series of three posters for the Primal Throwdown 2014.

We'll as part of the tradition, there is also an After Party. So we thought it only right that we produce some posters in the same design style.

Primal Throwdown 2014 Online Wildcard WOD 2

OK, so here we go again - another week, another Primal Throwdown video.

It's the second week in the online competition that the guys at The Primal Series are running. Just like last week they needed an "explainer" video to detail everything that the athletes needed to know.

We're already looking forward to shooting and releasing the last of the series!

Primal Throwdown 2014 Online Wildcard WOD 1

The guys from The Primal Series are currently running a 3-week online workout competition, the winners of which will be invited to come an compete at the Primal Throwdown 2014.

The main problem with any competition is explaining the workouts so that everyone understands the standards and requirements. And with an online competition that only gets worse as there is no direct and immediate feedback.

So they asked us to prepare a video helping them explain the standards to their athletes. 

We're especially happy with this "explainer" video as it gave us a chance to demonstrate some of the animation which can be added to video to help illustrate key points and messages.

The Primal Throwdown 2014

Roughly six weeks ago we were asked by Southern Crossfit if we wanted to take a run at producing the poster for their yearly Crossfit competition; The Primal Throwdown.

Graphic design is a logical next step for us;- it merges well with photo and like photo and video, allows us to show some creative flare.

So with the end result now released out into the interwebbs and tickets about to go on sale shortly, I thought it would be interesting to look at the couple of revisions that didn't make the cut. For me, I enjoy seeing what made it and what didn't; be it design or product. So I figured others might too.

So first up, the first round that didn't make the cut.

As with any design you have to convey a message and we aren't necessarily talking about what's said with text; in this case title, date, location etc. With these designs we were also aiming to show a number of different messages; the emotions of competing, the atmosphere of the event and range of athletes who take part.

In the end these designs weren't selected and we decided to run with a simpler design.

The "winning" trio of designs were:

But again even in the success of these three selected posters, there were others that didn't make it. Here are the remaining six posters that weren't used as part of the competition's launch.

So there you go, some insight into the Primal Throwdown 2014 posters and the design revisions we go through before release.

Get on Beard and let us know your thoughts and comments below.