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Primal Throwdown 2014 Online Wildcard WOD 3

Final week, final workout video for the Primal Series. It's been great working with the guys from Southern CrossFit, who run the Primal Throwdown, to produce these videos.

Each year they seem to challenge us to produce better and better videos. This year's challenge really surrounded the animations as well as still working within a very quick turnaround schedule.

Personally, we think the animations really add to these videos; helping to demonstrate the acceptable and unacceptable standards for this competition and that are needed to run an online competition in general.

Primal Throwdown 2014 Online Wildcard WOD 2

OK, so here we go again - another week, another Primal Throwdown video.

It's the second week in the online competition that the guys at The Primal Series are running. Just like last week they needed an "explainer" video to detail everything that the athletes needed to know.

We're already looking forward to shooting and releasing the last of the series!

Primal Throwdown 2014 Online Wildcard WOD 1

The guys from The Primal Series are currently running a 3-week online workout competition, the winners of which will be invited to come an compete at the Primal Throwdown 2014.

The main problem with any competition is explaining the workouts so that everyone understands the standards and requirements. And with an online competition that only gets worse as there is no direct and immediate feedback.

So they asked us to prepare a video helping them explain the standards to their athletes. 

We're especially happy with this "explainer" video as it gave us a chance to demonstrate some of the animation which can be added to video to help illustrate key points and messages.