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Niche CrossFit - Core Builder Program - Bloopers

Client says "bloopers" and we say "hell yeah!"

Being in front of the camera is a tough business, if you haven't tried it you're missing out! We've watched the best of speakers turn to jelly as they try to record even the simplest of statements... but whilst it's painful and frustrating at the time, it makes for a great series of bloopers.

Jen from Niche CrossFit was extremely keen to get her own blooper reel for the promotion of her Core Builder Program. The program (final promo here) is a series of 21 movement videos which participants will use as a strength and exercise program.

Many people lock the takes that didn't make the final edit away, worrying that mistakes will cost them business. But actually using them is often a great way to show your off personality and humour and often ends up encouraging people to join you in business.

Niche CrossFit - Core Builder Program

Last week we were working with Jen from Niche CrossFit to start production on a video series for their Core Builder Program. The program starts with a workshop, however then is followed up with a 12-week homework program designed to strengthen and build a core. 

Niche CrossFit identified the need to ensure that correct tuition was given during this 12 week period and so we stepped in to help out. We will be delivering a series of 20 core building movement tutorial videos that participants will use during their 12 weeks of homework.

Videos are a great way to help reinforce learning points no matter what you are teaching as well as letting attendees refresh their knowledge outside of your seminar or workshop.

Below you can find a trailer we produced for the program which also shows off some of the footage from the movement-tutorial videos.