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Kubed Media - Curtin University - Open Day 2015 - Showcase Animation

Last week we were back working with Kubed Media, OMD Media Agency and Curtin University as they marketed the 2015 Curtin University Open Day.

We worked to produce an advertising animation for the event which would be played on Kubed Media's mobile 4-sided LED screen as it made its way around Perth.

Below you can find a showcase of the animation we compiled.

Kubed Media - Your Brand in the Malls

You may have notice that we've been working a lot recently (here and here) with Kubed Media - a local innovative LED-billboard marketing company. Ultimately, they've been working towards launching their latest service; getting their company the ability to advertise other companies in the Perth shopping malls.

This is a big step for them but they needed a short but punchy video to advertise this new, unique service... so that's what we came up with.

Not only does this package show off our 'edit only' service - as the client shot their own footage, but it also demonstrates the usability and durability of good footage; that once shot you can reedit footage again saving time and money.

Kubed Media - V8 Supercars

Just like our recent post on Kubelapse project for Enex100, this is another 'edit only' option completed for Kubed Media. This time around Kubed Media was working on behalf of Tourism WA and V8 Supercars.

In our 'edit only' option we provided advice on what/how to shoot to the client. So in this case Kubed Media shot the raw video themselves and then handed it over to us for editing. By undertaking project in this manner clients can reduce the cost for a media project.

Kubed Media - Enex100 - Shades of Summer

We're back again working with our local innovative LED advertising company; Kubed Media.

You may remember the recent timelapse that we put together for them and their client Nissan. Well, they loved it so much they were back pulling another one together it for a recent project with the St Georges Terrace shopping mall Enex100. We're dubbing this a 'Kubelapse'. 

Following our advice on what/how to shoot,  Kubed Media shot the raw video themselves and then handed it over to us for editing. This project shows off our 'edit only' option as well as on support through advice for businesses; both of which reduce the end cost for a media project.

Kubed Media - Mobile Nissan Advertising

Kubed Media has been working with Nissan over the last few weeks so as to deliver their unique brand of mobile advertising in and around Perth, Fremantle, Rockingham and Mandurah.

Kubed Media approached us to assist in capturing some their work so that they could present a demonstration / short highlight reel to their client. Of course we were hppy to help out.

We're a firm believer that the right media will help demonstrate the product or service you provide to your client whilst at the same time add value to your clients service, product and brand. It's great added value.

Kubed Media - Breast Cancer Awareness

It's never to early to be up and grab a few photos!

We shot into Perth's city centre to grab some shots of Kubed Media's ( Kube; a large (1.5m x 1.5m) 4 sided electronic screen; allowing you to display large images and videos, as they set up for the day supporting the Cancer Council's Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Local businesses supporting charities; we think that's the way it should be!