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Kubed Media - Curtin University - Open Day 2015 - Showcase Animation

Last week we were back working with Kubed Media, OMD Media Agency and Curtin University as they marketed the 2015 Curtin University Open Day.

We worked to produce an advertising animation for the event which would be played on Kubed Media's mobile 4-sided LED screen as it made its way around Perth.

Below you can find a showcase of the animation we compiled.

SANDitecture; Mini-Documentary

You may remember our recent post and highlight film on SANDitecture which was hosted by Curtin University with the technical guidance of Sand Sculpture WA.

As part of the media services we provided, we also produced a mini-documentary which explains the process of sand building, interviews with key organisers as well as the students and their experience over the two-day build.

Curtin University plan has already used the video to show off to those who were involved, those who viewed the sculptures upon completion and will be used as promotion to potential future students.

SANDitecture; Highlight Reel

Back in March, Curtin University's Architecture Department approached us about a creative project they wanted filmed.

One of their university lecturers had arranged for a group of 150 first year architecture students to undertake a sand sculpture course run by Sand Sculpture WA. The students would then work in groups of 4-6 and be given a famous building which they were to recreate elements of.

So over the course of two days we followed the students as they worked together to bring their architecture masterpieces together.

You can check out our highlight reel from the event below. There is also a mini-documentary from the event which you can find here.

Curtin University - Interior Architecture; Transitioning into Practice

Today see's the 'go live' of our biggest project last year; Curtin University's "Interior Architecture; Transitioning into Practice". The 8-part interview-documentary series saw us working for over a year with 13 Perth-based Interior Architecture Professionals based in 10 different companies.

This website will be used a resource by Curtin Unviersity's students throughout their 4 years of study. It has also been submitted to the Australian Government of Learning for others use.

We also received some very positive feedback from the client as they headed towards their launch.

I just wish to thank you so much for your excellent work and for being so adaptable to the fluid nature of the project as it unfolded.

I hope you are proud of the outcome. We are really pleased and imagine the students will benefit in a variety of ways from the resource.
— Dianne Smith, Curtin University

You can find further information on the project on our blog post here and view the trailer below. Further information can be found on

Curtin University; Interior Architecture - Transitioning into Practice

Throughout 2014 we were working with Curtin University's Interior Architecture Department to deliver an 8-part interview-documentary series "Interior Architecture - Transitioning into Practice". It's been our biggest and most challenging production to date.

Curtin University approached us at the beginning of 2014 about delivering a series of films that would help acclimatise their students with the transition from the world of theoretical study at university into real-world life within interior architecture practices. What should they expect when they start working? and how could they tackle some of the new challenges they would face? 

The project ended up far larger than first conceived; ultimately we ended up coordinating a project that saw us working with 13 design professionals, working for a range of companies and located throughout Perth. This meant that coordination and communication were key for this project's successful delivery.

Check out the trailer for the 8-part interview-documentary series below. 

The series of films is available to Curtin University students and is also hosted by the Australian Government and Office for Learning and Teaching.

Curtin University - Announcing the Reopening of Building 501

We were approached by Curtin University to deliver a video announcing the reopening of their building; Building 501.

The Facilities group withing Curtin had spent a large amount of time redeveloping this 70's building to bring to both students and employees of Curtin heavily improved facilities. As such the team wanted to show off their work and also explain the new layout and design which had been completed.