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Beast Mode Athletica - Meet BMA Superstar - Roxy Walker

You may remember towards the end of 2014 we shot a video for Beast Mode Athletica on Roxy Walker; their sponsored athlete who was heading to the National Olympic Championships.

Well, we gathered so much of Roxy's story during the shoot that we recut the video for Beast Mode. That's how we like to work with our clients; getting the best bang for their buck.

So here is Roxy's story and what being a Beast Mode sponsored athlete means to her.

Beast Mode Athletica - Interview with Ryan Woodall & Tash Bradley

Whilst shooting a clothing video for Beast Mode Athletica we also shot a couple of interviews with their sponsored athletes Ryan Woodall and (Natasha) Tash Bradley. Both spoke about the latest news in their personal lives; namely training with a new born and injury and how these changes have affected their training running into the competitive Crossfit season.

Interviews are a great way of introducing yourself, your business and your employees to potential, new and existing clients and forms part of both out Corporate and Signature Video Packages.

Beast Mode Athletica - Training with Friends

A couple of weeks ago we were back working with Beast Mode Athletica. This time around they held a training session with some of their sponsored athletes as they all head towards the start of the CrossFit Opens; the global competitive CrossFit sport season.

This video is designed to show off some of their new and existing CrossFit clothing and apparel as well as show off their athletes.

Beast Mode Athletica - Roxy Walker Photoshoot

So we're back at it again with Beast Mode Athletica; our friendly local CrossFit clothing and apparel company.

This time around we were on location for both a profile and clothing photoshoot with one of their sponsored athletes; Roxy Walker.

Roxy has just earned her spot on the WA Weightlifting Team and will shortly fly out to compete at the Australian National Weightlifting Championships. We of course wish Roxy the best of luck!

Beast Mode Athletica - 'Unleash' T-Shirt and Trackies Photoshoot

You may remember some months ago we did a photoshoot for Beast Mode Athletica. Well they're back at it again! 

They've released some new goodies to the CrossFit world; men's and women's t-shirts as well as some track pants. So we again headed over to photograph them for their website.

Beast Mode Athletica - Redefine Shorts Photoshoot

Local CrossFit clothing and apparel company Beast Mode Athletica asks us for a quick photoshoot to showoff the launch of their new CrossFit shorts. How could we say no?

In CrossFit, the world of mens workout shorts is a tough one. No one likes running around in a world of tight-short-shorts, but having long shorts causes its own set of problems with restricted movement. They also need to be tough as nails to put up with half the stuff CrossFitters put them though.

Beast Mode Athletica believe they have the answer locked up with these shorts which also show off their trade-mark design.