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Professional Portrait Photography

We were recently back in the studio shooting a series of professional profile shots for our latest client Tammy.

Tammy will now have our photos sitting pride of place on her email signature and on her business cards.

Getting a professional portrait done is simple, quick and effective. It's great for updating your professional social networks like Linkedin and just like Tammy, it's also useful for business cards and email signatures.

Men's Fitness Magazine - James Minter

Last month when James approached us about a fitness photoshoot, we found it be slightly different to others we had been involved in. This one was for national fitness magazine Men's Fitness.

James' recover story was featured in the magazine after he sustained a serious head injury after striking his head on the side of his swimming pool but has now built himself back up; both mentally and physically and is preparing to compete in bodybuilding events.

This shoot itself was done in a public place with James wanting to show a relaxed approach to his photos; i.e. less posed and more natural. Shooting in public is not an easy task for most (non-model) people but James soon found a flow and by the end admitted he enjoyed the photoshoot we had with him.

At the end of the day that's what we aim to have with all our clients; that they go home not only with a great product, but also having enjoyed the process of getting there.

James Minter - Magazine Mock Up (sm).jpg

Above the magazine layout. Below the chosen image.

Some of the other images from the shoot

Beast Mode Athletica - Roxy Walker Photoshoot

So we're back at it again with Beast Mode Athletica; our friendly local CrossFit clothing and apparel company.

This time around we were on location for both a profile and clothing photoshoot with one of their sponsored athletes; Roxy Walker.

Roxy has just earned her spot on the WA Weightlifting Team and will shortly fly out to compete at the Australian National Weightlifting Championships. We of course wish Roxy the best of luck!

Portrait Photography

Professional profile, portrait or headshot images are an important part of professional life, and they are probably one of the most important things for those in the Real Estate industry.

For real estate agents, they end up on business cards and websites and often become a first point of contact, thus a first impression, an important first impression.

This week we spent some time shooting some portrait images for a local real estate agent. The images below show how simply a different background can effect the outcome of an image whilst remaining a positive professional first impression.

The process also demonstrates the ability to customise what shows behind the subject; allowing you to continue your branding with your team's portrait photography.