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New Service - Purchasable Video Clips

When we cover sporting events such as The Primal Throwdown, we capture hours of footage, but when you produce a 3 minute highlight reel, a lot of the footage never sees the light of day again. We want to change this and get it out there.

Here at the beard we're proud to announce that we're offering a first; the ability to purchase individual video clips.

At the moment the platform/service, run by a 3rd party, is still relatively new and so we're putting it to the test by releasing some selected clips from Primal's Saturday Night Lights.

This now means you can preview and then purchase your clip and then bang it up on your social media platform of choice, or just hold on to it for your own purposes such as training.

This new service potentially unlocks a whole new world of video options for GINGERBEARD Media, so we're excited to test out this new platform.

Click the picture to be taken to our new service.


Recently we announced a series of men's t-shirts, and one question arose... did you forget the ladies shirts!?!

Well, fear not - we've got you covered as well ladies!

Just like the mens' shirts we're teaming up with AS Colour to provide our designs, sturdily printed onto their Ladies Wafer Tee to provide you with the ultimate in fresh-designs tee.

And just like the mens' shirts were offering the designs on a range of colours. So stay tuned, because a pre-order is coming for both male and female shirts.

Curtin University - Interior Architecture; Transitioning into Practice

Today see's the 'go live' of our biggest project last year; Curtin University's "Interior Architecture; Transitioning into Practice". The 8-part interview-documentary series saw us working for over a year with 13 Perth-based Interior Architecture Professionals based in 10 different companies.

This website will be used a resource by Curtin Unviersity's students throughout their 4 years of study. It has also been submitted to the Australian Government of Learning for others use.

We also received some very positive feedback from the client as they headed towards their launch.

I just wish to thank you so much for your excellent work and for being so adaptable to the fluid nature of the project as it unfolded.

I hope you are proud of the outcome. We are really pleased and imagine the students will benefit in a variety of ways from the resource.
— Dianne Smith, Curtin University

You can find further information on the project on our blog post here and view the trailer below. Further information can be found on

The Primal Throwdown 2014

Roughly six weeks ago we were asked by Southern Crossfit if we wanted to take a run at producing the poster for their yearly Crossfit competition; The Primal Throwdown.

Graphic design is a logical next step for us;- it merges well with photo and like photo and video, allows us to show some creative flare.

So with the end result now released out into the interwebbs and tickets about to go on sale shortly, I thought it would be interesting to look at the couple of revisions that didn't make the cut. For me, I enjoy seeing what made it and what didn't; be it design or product. So I figured others might too.

So first up, the first round that didn't make the cut.

As with any design you have to convey a message and we aren't necessarily talking about what's said with text; in this case title, date, location etc. With these designs we were also aiming to show a number of different messages; the emotions of competing, the atmosphere of the event and range of athletes who take part.

In the end these designs weren't selected and we decided to run with a simpler design.

The "winning" trio of designs were:

But again even in the success of these three selected posters, there were others that didn't make it. Here are the remaining six posters that weren't used as part of the competition's launch.

So there you go, some insight into the Primal Throwdown 2014 posters and the design revisions we go through before release.

Get on Beard and let us know your thoughts and comments below.

Richard Wassell - Crossfit Opens

Richard Wassell is an adaptive Southern Crossfit athlete. Last year we followed him as he headed into the 2013 Indoor World Rowing Championships. This year, he's signed up to the Crossfit Open. Impressive.

You can check out the photos we captured of him and read a full article on his decision to sign up here:

Here's the video we shot of Richard before he headed to the 2013 World Indoor Rowing Championship.

As always, good luck to Richard in his latest endeavors!

Bring Sally Up

Bring Sally Up is a simple and spreading video concept in the Crossfit world. When the song says "up" you rise in your chosen movement, when the song says "down" you sink down in your chosen movement.

For the guys at Southern Crossfit  they stuck to the original version, 60kgs back squats. If you get it right there are a total of 30 squats, which sounds easy, but they are pause squats.

Anywho, we arrived to film. As with most of our Crossfit films we wanted to take it further... so we strapped a Go Pro to Coach Jono.

Well, the results speak for themselves; another amusing film to push out into the Crossfit community.

Search4Hurt Audition; Bec Halliday

Bec came to us with a vision, goal and a script but a very tight deadline.

Our challenge was a to deliver a time-limited TV audition for Search4Hurt; we had to deliver Bec's message in under 1 minute 30 seconds. Sounds easy? Actually telling your life story in key points within this time-frame as well as delivering suitable visuals takes a lot more work than it looks.

In delivering this project we were please to help with script writing, deliver this project on time and collaborate with Bec to deliver her vision... but we're also proud to see Bec get picked as one of the finalists for rhis TV Show.

CrossFit for Fitness

CrossFit for Fitness approached us about helping them complete a project; a timelapse of the construction of their new facility.

The footage had been shot by the client on a handheld camcorder as construction had been completed.

We took this footage and brought it together, taking the more interesting shots of the 6.5hrs of footage that had been provided and then combining it with some new footage showing their new facility.