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Southern CrossFit - Bring a Friend

Southern CrossFit asked us to bring together some new fresh designs for their "Bring a Friend" promotional material.

We provided 3 designs specifically for their Facebook, Instagram and old school A4 printer.

It's great to get back behind Photoshop first thing this new year!

Beast Mode Athletica - Roxy Walker Photoshoot

So we're back at it again with Beast Mode Athletica; our friendly local CrossFit clothing and apparel company.

This time around we were on location for both a profile and clothing photoshoot with one of their sponsored athletes; Roxy Walker.

Roxy has just earned her spot on the WA Weightlifting Team and will shortly fly out to compete at the Australian National Weightlifting Championships. We of course wish Roxy the best of luck!

Photos Redesigned

Here's this week's selection of #photosredesigned which hit our Instagram account (gingerbeard_media).

Photos Redesigned

Over the last week on our Instagram account (gingerbeard_media) we've been posting a series of images we've dubbed #photosredesigned.

We've been running through some of our film and image libraries and then redesigning either a single frame of film or photo from the ground up to come out with some funky new designs.

GINGERBEARD Media; Business Cards

So here they are! Arrived fresh from the printers this morning; designed in house and ready for use - our very own business cards.

As usual we like to show a bit behind the scenes as to how the design process worked.

So let's start with our preliminary design mockups.

We had two approaches at this point; business and friendly. We wanted our cards to say 'professional but friendly' and so we looked to combine elements of both.

By combining both we moved to the final design mock up

And then the real items arrived this morning

The Primal Series After Party

You may remember a blog post from us a few weeks ago about the work we undertook for the guys at The Primal Series in producing a series of three posters for the Primal Throwdown 2014.

We'll as part of the tradition, there is also an After Party. So we thought it only right that we produce some posters in the same design style.

The Primal Throwdown 2014

Roughly six weeks ago we were asked by Southern Crossfit if we wanted to take a run at producing the poster for their yearly Crossfit competition; The Primal Throwdown.

Graphic design is a logical next step for us;- it merges well with photo and like photo and video, allows us to show some creative flare.

So with the end result now released out into the interwebbs and tickets about to go on sale shortly, I thought it would be interesting to look at the couple of revisions that didn't make the cut. For me, I enjoy seeing what made it and what didn't; be it design or product. So I figured others might too.

So first up, the first round that didn't make the cut.

As with any design you have to convey a message and we aren't necessarily talking about what's said with text; in this case title, date, location etc. With these designs we were also aiming to show a number of different messages; the emotions of competing, the atmosphere of the event and range of athletes who take part.

In the end these designs weren't selected and we decided to run with a simpler design.

The "winning" trio of designs were:

But again even in the success of these three selected posters, there were others that didn't make it. Here are the remaining six posters that weren't used as part of the competition's launch.

So there you go, some insight into the Primal Throwdown 2014 posters and the design revisions we go through before release.

Get on Beard and let us know your thoughts and comments below.