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The Block Audition

You may remember our previous endeavor into an audition video - where we worked with Bec to secure her spot on the fitness reality TV show Search4Hurt.

Well, we were back at it, this time with Jay and Ana who wanted to apply to get on Channel 9's reality/entertainment show; The Block.

When Jay and Ana approached us about filming their audition film, they already had prepared a brief storyboard and so we worked with them to refine it, film and edit it into a 5 minute video.

Good luck to Jay and Ana with their audition, and if they don't make it here... then we hear Neighbours is always looking for good looking actors and actresses!

Speed Edit - The Block Audition

"Surely, that'll only take a couple of hours to put together". Something we hear frequently from those not familiar with video editing.

So we thought it would be interesting to show how long something can take to edit. 

This is a timelapse taken from some of the 7-9 hours of work to produce a 5 minute video audition video for Channel 9's hit entertainment/reality TV show The Block. This piece of work had four relatively simple scenes filmed over one day and was planned and storyboarded - all of which help speed up the filming and editing process.

That said, editing, especially when it's done to a fixed time limit (in this case a maximum of 5 minutes) can be a complicated affair. It's a big balancing act to ensure the time limit is used effectively to get all the information across.

Search4Hurt Audition; Bec Halliday

Bec came to us with a vision, goal and a script but a very tight deadline.

Our challenge was a to deliver a time-limited TV audition for Search4Hurt; we had to deliver Bec's message in under 1 minute 30 seconds. Sounds easy? Actually telling your life story in key points within this time-frame as well as delivering suitable visuals takes a lot more work than it looks.

In delivering this project we were please to help with script writing, deliver this project on time and collaborate with Bec to deliver her vision... but we're also proud to see Bec get picked as one of the finalists for rhis TV Show.